The Finder is a foldable light drone. With its 4kg and 21cmx21cmx30cm in the foldable position, it fits where others don't. Transporting it in a 35l backpack is easy as a sunday morning. No need for a snowmobile. It can be deployed in less than one minute.

Real-Time Video

The Finder is capable of sending long range HD Real-Time video. It provides you freedom to point the camera in any direction, independently of that of the flight. Custom cameras, such as IR cameras, can be fitted to answer your specific needs.

One of A Kind

The Finder is specifically designed for freeriding. It is the only drone in the market fitted with a receiver capable of locating Avalanche Beacons. Developped according to EN 300 718-1 standard, it is compatible with all avalanche beacons in the market.

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